Visual Essay

“The Internet As a Means of Self Actualization”

What is a Visual Essay?

A Visual Essay is a method of conveying one’s research using audio, video and animation.

This particular piece was created as a summative thesis for a 4th year research project; ‘The Internet As A Means of Self Actualization”. 

About This Thesis

My research into the human psyche, motivation and empowerment found that when coupled with modern technology (like the Internet) there are little to no boundaries for self-growth.

Ultimately this means that if used properly, the Internet can help each of us achieve our maximum potential (or Self Actualization) by helping us develop a sense of identity and fulfilling tertiary human needs (like education, relationships, source of income, etc.)

About This Piece

The most challenging part of creating a visualization of my research was finding a way to convey highly abstract terms (such as Maslow’s concept of identity, self-potential, etc.). In order to do this effectively I played with the concept of ‘fractional identities’ and used decaying transitions and kinetic typography.