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  • Touch Table Concept Development
  • Touch Table Concept Development
  • Touch Table Concept Development
  • Touch Table Concept Development
  • Touch Table Concept Development

Touch Table Concept Development

Project Summary

This project was developed during my 4th year of studies, and was integrated into our annual Grad Show.

What is it? Imagine a giant tablet (such as an iPad) laid out on a table-top surface. The technology used to develop this table is significantly different than the make-up of a handheld tablet, but its user-capabilities are very similar (touch, zoom, drag, etc).

About the Technology

DSI Touch Table: Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI) works by employing an infrared (IR) light source and specially filtered cameras to detect “touches” on the table surface. These touches are interpreted as “blobs”. Then, a software (Open CV) interprets these blobs and communicates these forms as positions. Another software (Processing) interprets these blobs/ positions as user-information. A visualization is then triggered and relayed back to surface via the built-in projector beneath the surface.

Fiducial Blocks: Made of transparent and opaque acrylic, the user is able to interact with tertiary/hidden features of the table by placing the block on the table. Fiducial-based-form-recognition will enable the table to recognize (1 of 4) distinct ‘forms’ embossed on each side of the block, thereby providing us with four unique functions, or potential interactions.

About the User Experience

What does it do? The primary function of the table is to allow users to view sketches submitted by fellow graduates. Users can ‘touch’, shuffle and scale through an array of sketches. Secondary interactions promote “discoverability” and “playfulness”– by placing a ‘glass key’ on top of the table, users are able to reveal hidden imagery.

Show Me More

User Experience Demo: Watch this clip to see an example user experience, and see the table in action (Video, Youtube). Or see the video directly below.

➥ Protoype Demo:  A step-by-step breakdown of the programs used, and how they interact with eachother (Video, Youtube)

➥ Concept Proposal: View the original concept proposal, and an in-depth explanation of the table’s proposed functions  (PDF, GoogleDocs)

➥ Developers Notes: View a sample document exchanged between myself and the other developer, addressing issues like; what had to be done, troubleshooting, etc.  (PDF, Google Docs)